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SUMMER IS COMING…but we have no place to go.

Knowing we may be at home for a bit more, we invite you to join us online for some stress reduction, yoga, and meditation!

We are excited to offer an Unlimited Online Summer Yoga Special!

For three months of UNLIMITED online yoga during June, July and August the usual price for two months unlimited is $298.

BUT we are offering a special price of


Peace of Mind Yoga

Our classes are designed to work with beginners and people looking to destress through yoga, movement, and meditation.

Our teachers are wonderfully educated in techniques that help decrease anxiety levels and dial down your nervous system.

Breathwork, alignment, and meditation are all incorporated into the classes to help leave you more calm and peaceful in your body...

So that you can emerge as better parents, friends, allies, siblings, co-workers and community members. 

Peace of Mind Yoga Specializes in:

Stress Reduction

It has been difficult for most people lately. Stress is at an all time high. We work to give space between your thoughts and feelings to gain a moment of relaxation.

Calming Anxiety

Our community has felt a sense of anxiety like never before. Our inner dialogue cycles through negative thought patterns all day long. We can feel our heart race while we are tossing and turning at night. Yoga and mediation can help ease the nervous system allowing your body to calm.

Alleviating Depression

Helplessness, hopelessness and despair are common themes people bring up especially during Quarantine. Issues of oppression, health and isolation can lead to a profound and overwhelming sadness. We work to alleviate depression through centeredness and grounding during yoga and mediation.

Working Through Trauma

We are currently facing numerous traumas-in many aspects. Traumas are anything that occurs in our lives that alters it for the foreseeable future. Trauma impacts the neurobiology of the person. Through our yoga and mediation practices, we work to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, allowing our bodies to improve recovery from trauma.

Join us for online yoga this summer!

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